Friday, 9 January 2015


  1. Start by getting perfect shave using a shaving cream and razor.
  2. Use a twizzer and pluck out  the hair at the middle of your eyebrows.
  3. Moisturize your face using nivea for men or any other preferred moisturizer.
  4. Apply a concealer that is the same as your skin color over your blemishes.
  5. Set the concealer using a translucent powder and a fluffy brush.
  6. Apply a little amount of petroleum jelly or a colorless lip balm on your lips.
  7. Using a colorless brow gel,brush across your brows and you are good to go.


The key to achieving this is by using milk of magnesia,commonly known as MIST MAG here in Nigeria.There are different brands but the one i think works best is the moko mist mag trisilicate but you can try other brands and know what works best for you.


                                       METHOD OF APPLICATION

Method of application is very simple,you can either use your fingers (ensure your fingers are clean) or a foundation brush  and gently apply this product on areas of your face that gets oily most. Please do apply a very thin and almost transparent amount of this product without leaving behind white deposits.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Tips on how to apply foundation on different skin types
1) Best for oily skin, use a stippling brush.
2) For dry skin, use a standard foundation brush, a wet beauty blender sponge or your hands.
That’s tips on how to apply foundation on oily and dry skin.

How to use milk of magnesia.
Apply very little amount milk of magnesia on d areas you sweat most. This will definitely turn your face white, but don’t worry about that because your foundation is just going to cover it up.

Whenever I try to use my cream foundation after I must have applied my magnesia, I find it very difficult to blend the foundation. Please what do I do?
Ans: It is not only creamy foundation that is difficult to blend, some foundations meant for oily skins are the same especially when you overuse the milk of magnesia. Okay, the best thing you can do when such arises, is to spray little amount of water to your brush and try blending your foundation to your face. You’ll be grateful just try this little trick.

How to apply shimmery bronzers or highlighters.
Apply shimmery bronzer or highlighter on the T-zone the upper part of your cheeks the chin and on the upper part of your lips (optional).

Friday, 7 February 2014


1.     Apply egg white to your face and carry until it’s completely dry. Do this 3-4 times a week.

2.     Apply milk of magnesia to your face as a primer before wearing your foundation.

3.     Steer away from oily foundation and concealers as they will always slide off your face.

4.     Use a loose powder to set any creamy product you use on your face.

5.     When using bronzer, do not use plenty of the bronzer as they will draw more attention to those areas that produce oil and preferably do not apply shimmery bronzers

6.     While doing touch ups, blot away the oil first before reapplying your press powder on those areas

7.     Preferably use water based foundations, concealers etc

8.     Use a stippling brush to applyyour foundation as this will give an air brush finish
9.       Finally always use less amount of products on your face

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


STEP 1 – use a good cleanser to clean the face.
STEP 2 – Apply a mattifying primer all over the face.
STEP 3 – Apply your foundation
STEP 4 – Use concealer to cover up dark spots or areas of the face.
STEP 5 – Set the concealer and foundation with a loose powder
STEP 6 – Use a powder brush or a fan brush to blend the powder well
STEP 7 – Apply a liquid, gel or pencil liner above the upper lashes and below the lower lashes.
STEP 8 – Apply a lipgloss that compliments your lip colour.
STEP 9 – Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks if you have small cheeks or under the cheeks if you have big cheeks
STEP 10 – Curl your lashes if needed and finish up with your mascara.

WEIGHT LOSS - A new year resolution?

It seems that most of us are concerned about our weight and fitness. And, most of the people who make resolutions want to make changes in the way they look and feel. If the recent spate of commercials and ads are an indication, there is a lot of help to achieve weight loss and fitness goals.

There is nothing new about weight loss programs. Although, some of the new gadgets I have seen are interesting. They all promise that you will lose weight if you follow their program, eat their food or use their gadget. The good thing is that all of them will work and you can lose weight. The downside is that the program has to continue forever. If you stop, there is a good chance that you will end up right where you are now, except that you may be a little dissatisfied with yourself.

The problem is not with you. The problem is that effective and permanent weight loss and fitness requires a lifestyle change. There is only one way to lose weight. It is absolutely essential that your body use more calories than you take in. And there are only two ways to do that. You have to reduce the amount of calories you eat and drink or become more active. Doing both at the same time will result in faster weight loss and greater fitness.

Losing weight and getting fit is not exactly rocket science, but it does take more than just a new year's resolution to get the job done. It takes personal desire, will and commitment. We have to be willing to learn how to safely and naturally drop the pounds and increase our activity to increase our level of fitness. That is the real challenge. If you truly want to downsize, you have to be willing to make some lifestyle changes.

The changes I refer to are not dramatic. They can be very small, but have a significant impact on your success. Here are a few:

1. Forget about the diet. It is not what you eat as much as how much of it you eat that makes the difference. Just be aware of what you are eating and drinking and cut out a little bit. Learn which foods are higher in protein and eat more of those. Protein has the benefit of increasing your metabolism to make your body use more calories and helps keep you from feeling hungry.

2. Watch what you drink. Most people will get a large proportion of their daily calorie intake from sugary drinks without a second thought about what is in them. The average 20 ounce bottle of pop has about 300 calories. That works out to more than 2100 calories a week. Replace it with water or unsweetened tea and you could lose more than half a pound a week.

3. Find some way to become more active. Muscles need to work to become stronger. Activities can be different for different people. I prefer resistance training and my wife would rather walk for exercise. But, physical activity and exercise are the only things that will help get chiseled abs and toned muscles. Pills, supplements and eating less may change the way you look, but that will not give you a toned body.

4. Throw your scales away. Concentrate on how you feel, your energy level and whether or not your clothes are as tight as they were. The number of pounds you lose will change on a weekly basis, but your energy level, strength in your muscles should go up and the amount of fat on your body should go down as you progress.


Acne is something that most people have to deal with at some point in their lives. Pimples normally form because of a bacteria that lives on the skin and feeds off of dirt, oil and other germs. This forms an inflamed bump that is normally referred to as a pimple or zit. Most people have pimples and some deal with them more often than others. Unfortunately, taking care of a pimple or acne area too harshly can cause scarring over time. There are many ways to treat pimples without causing scarring at some point down the road.

Use Cleansers and Creams
Using special cleansers and creams, make sure that you wash and treat the skin. When you treat the skin using a special cleanser and cream, you will find that this slowly takes care of the existing pimples and helps to prevent new ones from forming. There are many different products out there on the market, so make sure that you look for different ones before choosing the specific one that you'll be using. By having a great product, you can feel good knowing that you are doing something for the benefit of your skin.
When you are looking for products, one of the best things to do is to find one that helps to fight acne. Most acne-fighting products contain benzoyl peroxide, which is an ingredient that retains oxygen levels on the skin and also kills bacteria, which is the main reason for acne. By using these products routinely for several weeks, you will be able to prevent and treat the acne that you are already dealing with on a constant basis.

Stop Picking Pimples
Picking at pimples can definitely cause scarring because these will leave red and pit-like marks that simply do not go away. The best thing for anyone to do if they are dealing with acne is to avoid touching their skin altogether. You definitely want to make sure that you keep your hands off of your face at all times. One thing to also remember about touching your skin is that your hands are full of bacteria and that this alone can cause an acne flare-up.

The best way to stop touching and picking at skin is to simply get into the habit. Touching your skin is probably a habit of yours that you do on a day-to-day basis. The best way to break this habit is to remember that touching your skin actually makes acne worse and can cause more flare-ups over time. Be sure to dry your skin using a clean towel and always wash bed linens once a week to prevent bacterial growth.

Having a beautiful complexion can be difficult to achieve because there are many different products and acne-fighting remedies out there. The key is to use a good quality product and to stop touching and picking your skin. Dermatologists will often be able to use a laser treatment on scarred skin if this is something you are looking to take care of so that you can feel better about the way that you look. By having a great skin care regimen and truly knowing what types of products are right for your skin, you will be able to easily and quickly take good care of your face and keep acne and scarring at bay. There are a lot of different tips and tricks out there for treating a pimple without leaving a scar, but the best way to accomplish this is by asking a dermatologist who will be able to recommend specific products for you to use.